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Flexing on those other fitness apps

Gymismo allows fitness professionals to create powerful programs and a completely branded training experience. Our seamless content sharing enables your followers, clients and members alike to enjoy an intimate, unique and professional on-phone training experience.

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Follow, Train & Learn

With the professionals that matter to you

Access relevant content from the professionals that matter to you and find new professionals that match your preferences and goals. Train like your heroes train, track your training, monitor your progress and ultimately get results.

An image showing a Trainer's Store on the Gymismo mobile app.
An image showing the Gymismo Web UI and the Mobile UI.

Create & List

Take your business online and mobile, without the stress

Create powerful programs with fully customisable content and list them in your personally branded store. Gymismo is made for coaches, athletes, trainers and fitness influencers that take their programming seriously and who want to take their content online, all without the headaches.

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